If it’s good enough for Colby Buzzell, then an iPod playlist post is good enough for me


Okay, maybe my headline is a cheap shot at the Soldier who made his name by being one of the first, if not thefirst, Iraq War veterans to turn his collection of blog posts into a hardback book. I applaud him for that. I mean, a Soldier gots ta get paid!

However, I just hope he will get an editor for any future projects and avoid all the clichés.

Having said that, I will borrow one of his tactics that I found interesting, when not over used, for a blog format: the iPod playlist.

The playlist is a great way to set our generation of Soldiers apart from warriors past. In World War II they had their pin up girls, in Vietnam it was a necklace full of ears and today we have the iPod. It’s borderline amazing that you can’t get in an armored vehicle in Iraq these days without someone plugging in a portable music devise.

Evenpolitical cartoonist Gary Trudeau tipped his hat to the Soldier practice of iPodding (yes, I made up a verb) while on patrol with his character Toggle in his cartoon Doonesbury. I did find it sad that poor Toggle was IEDed, but so is life in modern Mesopotamia.

Anyway, I keep several playlists at the ready for different occasions like running on the treadmill, writing, chilling out or ignoring the guy next to me at work. I have different lists compiled with various genres to provoke different moods. They are all sanctuaries in their own way.

So, bellow are a couple of my favorite playlists. Thanks for the idea, Colby:

For Running (This is a very calculated set)
Sex Beat – The Gun Club
Seeing Red – Minor Threat
I Wanna Destroy You – Circle Jerks
Straight Edge – Minor Threat
My War – Black Flag (Okay, Colby, we got something in common)
Screaming at a Wall – Minor Threat
Skulls – The Misfits
Red Tape – Circle Jerks
I Just Want Some Skank – Circle Jerks
Eat You Alive – Hour of the Wolf
Spit it Right Back – Hour of the Wolf
Black Blood Transfusion – Hour of the Wolf
Wasted – Black Flag (with Keith Morris singing)
Pay to Cum – Bad Brains

For Ignoring the Guy Next to Me
Astro Zombies – The Misfits
Autonomy – The Buzzcocks
Beat on the Brat [Live] – The Ramones
Bottled Violence – Minor Threat
Career Opportunities – The Clash
Chatterbox – New York Dolls
Col-Leepin – Public Enemy
Debaser – Pixies
Die, Die My Darling – The Misfits
Everybody’s Happy Nowadays – The Buzzcocks
I Can’t Get Behind That – William Shatner & Henry Rollins
M-16 – Negative Trend
No Values – Hank Williams III
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue – The Ramones

For Chillin’ Out
Frog-I-More Rag – R. Crumb
Frim Fram Sauce – Diana Krall
Functional – Thelonious Monk
Functions – Money Mark
Funky Broadway – Jimmy Smith
Gabby Glide Medley – R. Crumb
The Gala Event – The Beastie Boys
Gamma Ray – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Gavotte en Rondeau – Ron Carter
Generique – Miles Davis
Ghetto Defendant – The Clash
Ghost Writing – Neko Case
Give a Man a Home – Ben Harper
Gnossienne #3 – Pascal Rogé
Go to Hell – Nina Samone
God Bless the Child – Billie Holiday
God’s Footballer – Billy Bragg
Good Morning Blues – Leadbelly
Got My Hand In Your Head – Money Mark
Grove Drops – Jimmy Smith
Jah Calling – Bad Brains
Everlong (acoustic) – Foo Fighters



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2 responses to “If it’s good enough for Colby Buzzell, then an iPod playlist post is good enough for me

  1. Let’s just say I feel VERY OLD right about now. I won’t share my list. However, this post reminds me of a thread in a John Sandford novel I read recently, where the cop’s wife gave him an iPod and a gift certificate for 100 songs. He was compiling the “Best Rock and Roll” songs through the course of the book, with scenes devoted to discussing what should be there and what shouldn’t with his co-workers. Thank goodness the author included the list at the end of the book!

  2. Larry Thacker

    Thanks for putting the effort into this. I chilled out just reading the “chillin out” list. The others will require some research.

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